Long Live the Kings


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Long Live the Kings (LLTK) is committed to restoring wild salmon and steelhead and supporting sustainable fishing in the Pacific Northwest. We know that health of salmon populations is an indicator of the overall health of the Pacific Northwest environment and, in turn, the health of local communities. As Pacific Northwest salmon populations reach historic lows, we increasingly see and feel the evidence of their loss, from starving southern resident orcas, to closed fishing seasons, to new listings under the Endangered Species Act.

With over thirty years of salmon recovery experience, LLTK is leading the charge to recover imperiled salmon populations. We are overseeing innovative research needed to drive evidence-based recovery solutions, convening our region’s diverse salmon stakeholders to improve fisheries management, and implementing new solutions in the water at project sites throughout the Pacific Northwest. This work has already generated enormous wins for local salmon, including 1,000,000+ fish returned to local watersheds, Hood Canal Summer Chum near delisting from the Endangered Species Act, and 240,000+ students introduced to salmon science through our Survive the Sound program. With your support, you can help LLTK accelerate salmon recovery across the Pacific Northwest to ensure future generations will be able to enjoy flourishing salmon runs.

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