CT Checkout Store

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Welcome to our CT Checkout store where you can purchase our card reader for $60 using your encrypted card on your

iPhone or Android CT Checkout app.


Attach your card reader to your iPhone or Android phone and swipe your financial cards on the Payment Options screen of your CT Checkout app into an encrypted card format of 6201XXXXXXXX8375 where the middle eight numbers of your 16 digit card number are encrypted by Triple DES and DUKPT.


Once your encrypted cards are stored on your phone, which is now acting as your personal consumer terminal, you no longer need the card reader and can use your encrytped cards to make encrypted card payments to web merchants who have added CT Checkout to their checkout page.


Online CT Checkout merchants never see your encrypted card. We never see your encrypted card. Our card transaction processor never sees your encrypted card.  Only your card issuer bank or Discover Card or American Express are able to see your card data.


You can receive $10 for every friend’s iPhone or Android phone that you activate with your card reader which is made by www.idtechproducts.com.   


If you don’t have an encrytped card then please contact us at 855-800-4746