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Welcome to CT Checkout, a better way to pay. With CT Checkout, your phone becomes your own personal Consumer Terminal. You never enter any bank card data and web merchants never store any sensitive information, so there is nothing to hack. It is as safe as shopping in person, using the point of sale terminal in a store or at the bank.

To get started, install our free app from your iPhone or Android store. Open the app, attach an ID Tech Shuttle card reader, and swipe your cards. Buy the shuttle card reader here at our cost. The shuttle is needed only one time to swipe your bank card(s) and create encrypted card block(s) on your phone. From that point you no longer need the device.

Recover the cost of the shuttle through discounts at CT Checkout merchants, or by signing up new members. You will receive $10 for every new person who signs up with CT Checkout.

When purchasing the card reader, please ensure there are no other items in your cart as this item must be purchased separately using Stripe™ (typing in your card the old-fashioned way).

Once you have loaded the app and your encrypted card blocks, pick an item to purchase with CT Checkout. You can shop from your computer, but you will always complete transactions from your phone. At the checkout page, you will enter your CT Checkout email address and password. This will send the transaction to your phone, which is now your personal consumer terminal.

From the app, you will see the Pending purchase on your "Transaction list" screen. Complete your purchase by choosing the card you will use to pay. Your purchase will instantly appear on your bank statement.

Watch these two short videos and see how simple it is to order and pay. 


Contact: sales@ctcheckout.com for more information.